Appearance Edit

Aeliana had blonde hair and orange eyes. Her skin tone isa bit darker than the rest of the deities, most likely due to ethnicity or the long period of time she spent on the battlefield. She wore armor that showed off her midriff but mostly covered her legs. She had a good deal of scars, mostly on her breasts and midriff. She was described as an "old hag" by both Hayate and Ji Ru-Qian.

Personality Edit

Aeliana seems to becocky and arrogant unlike the other court deities she is hot-tempered and implusive. She is unable to take insults properly, and seems to be especially offended if someone calls her weak. (Hayate used this to trick her into self-imploding) She seems to seek out attention, especially that of the male concubines. However, Aeliana seems to take favor of the hierarchy as she can reign over male concubines.

Hayate calls her an idiot without any self-awareness, which causes her to easily lose her temper.

History Edit

Non is known about her history at the moment.

Background Edit

Aeliana is a female warrior. It seems that many males degraded her and insulted her in many ways which likely played a factor on why she likely takes a dislike towards men who disrespect her authority.

Powers Edit

As a court deity, Aeliana had immense power, but it's hard to detail exactly what it was. She mostly relied on her brute strength to finish off her opponents and her power may have just been an extension of that.

Trivia Edit

  • Aeliana was the weakest of the court deities, probably because she only had brute strength to help her.
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