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Javert is rather reserved and respects those higher up in the hierarchy than him. He loves his brother a great deal and is willing to go to far lengths to keep his brother safe.

Javert appears to enjoy lewd humor. (The comments have pointed this out shamelessly.)
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Javert came from another kingdom as a gift for the empress. He was one of the empress' favorite concubine and enjoyed his pampered life with his younger brother. One day, a jealous consort Ying gave him a tea that supposedly drained his mana. Javert was demoted to butler because he was no longer of any use to the empress. Ji Ru-Qian later helps him by giving him a clock that helps bring back mana. Although Javert is free as a butler, the empress also locked up his younger brother as leverage.

Later, it was revealed that Javert was actually the Sixth Court Deity, loyal to Madonna, and actually possessed ice magic- but had been sealed by Madonna.

In his past life, Javert worked as a journalist. He became Madonna's consultant and secretary after being introduced to her by Princess Corona, who he met during the princess' trip to Europe. Eventually, Madonna developed romantic feelings towards him. However, Javert betrayed and poisoned her, in a plot to legitimize Western colonization of China. He had not realized that she had anticipated his betrayal, and after Madonna killed her nephew, the emperor, in order to stop their plans, she stabbed and killed Javert.

Ability/ Power Edit

Ice Magic Edit

Javert possesses ice magic, which he can use to create ice shards containing powerful explosives and toxins. Ice magic also has the capability to freeze a person's mana, and grants the user control over time and space.

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