She is an extremely naive but kind-hearted girl. She first appears to write the concubines list. She trips and falls and is helped by Hayate. She starts to love him and even breaks a rule to help him out. When Hayate and a friend are being attacked it is learned that she is not very good with magic. Sakurako is later found someone to marry and has to leave.

Sakurako is actually the daughter of Madonna and her emperor of China's husband when Madonna was Empress Cixi. She died before she was born because of the forced cesarean section. Sakurako never forgave those who hurt her and she fused with a flower parasitic demon.

Madonna erased Sakurako's memories of her as her mother and placed her with the Hua family. That way she could protect her daughter and keep the parasitic demon under control. Sakurako lived a truly happy life.

After Madonna's soul was denied reincarnation, her soul was disintegrated. Her death released the seal on Sakurako. Sakurako remembered how she died the first time. Also, she is empress now and holds Hayate solder sword which keeps her calm. She is seen as a puppet by Enuch En and Consort Mei (the consort who had unborn Sakurako killed).

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