Appearance Edit

Shan-Hu has brown hair and lilac eyes. She is pale-skinned. She wears an elaborate dress, much like the other court deities. Her color scheme seems to be green and brown/tan. Her hair is up in a headdress and she has a marking on her forehead.

Personality Edit

Shan-Hu seems to be rather cold and imperious, like someone who's used to getting her way. She's not afraid to play dirty to get what she wants. However, she shows a caring side with her sons.

History Edit

In her previous life, Shan-Hu and her family were dying because of famine. Shan-Hu's husband told her that they should kill and eat her because food was so scarce. Her two sons protested, not wanting to be left with their father, which means that their father probably was abusive and generally treated them all badly. Shan-Hu's husband talks her into it and she agrees to sacrifice herself, if only for her sons. She even tells her husband to not eat her heart, as it will contain toxins that would hurt her children. (Note that she doesn't care about her husband in that case.) In the end, Shan-Hu's husband ended up gorging himself while selling their sons into slavery. She resents him for that, calling him a bastard in Ep.63.

Trivia Edit

  • Shan-Hu means "mountain lake" in Mandarin. However, that may not be the correct meaning.
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