Shen Yue Ye was the former 7th court deity before she had died in Phantom Paradise. In the living world, she was used to reproduce and was killed when she was no longer fertile. She is the mother of Hayate.

Appearance Edit

Shen Yue Ye has long dark purple hair and amethyst eyes. There are two 'wings' at the sides of her head and she has a sign below her left eye. She is seen wearing a light purple dress with black fur and two yin-yang signs at her hips. She also wears a crown with the yin-yang sign on it and wears a yin head necklace.

Personality Edit

Shen Yue Ye is a short-tempered and ruthless court deity who fights for Phantom Paradise. She is merciless on her enemies who insults empress. However deep down, Shen-Yue-Ye wanted to stop killing when her colleague, Ji Ru-Qian stopped her from executing a child soldier and refused to be the empress' pawn.

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